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Our added value

Added Value

Why choose us?

One specialist consultant per business sector

We adjust to every candidate and offer 'à la carte' services

A flawless knowledge of sourcing methods and tools

A proven experience of the direct method: "the head-hunting"

We know what each candidate is meant to be

Real time access to the progress of your recruiting process thanks to our ATS software

Builder of Long-Lasting Relationships

We keep egalitarian relations between the companies that require our help and the candidates we recruit.

Seize Your Liana

To succeed, you must surround yourself with skilful individuals

Are you looking to hire a qualified applicant for a permanent contract?

Would you like some pieces of advice regarding your profesionnal life?

Sometimes, people do not even know what they are looking for, we therefore must guide them.

We are here to offer you what you truly need: we will help you find the right applicant, a skilled one, who will perfectly fit your company.

We will use our savoir-faire to help your company thrive as much as possible.

Find Your Own Forest

Do not waste your time doing something you do not like, make a living from your passion

  • You want to be transferred or advance your career?
  • You do not know how to effectively search for permanent contract opportunities?

Human beings have one purprose in life: live. So do it, enough overthinking.

We are ready to adjust ourselves to your own choices and to help you find an occupation, an employer and the job sector that will match your core values.

The world is in constant motion, what is true today may not be true tomorrow. Time flies. Do not fall behind: from now on, seize all the career opportunities that you may find.

A real alternative to large networks

Our Associates