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With our professional expertise combined with the help of our associates and their knowledge, we can provide you an answer to every question:


What is the exact mindset of my associate?


How can I effectively boost my employees' capacities?


How do my employees communicate with one another?


How do I keep people interested in my brand?


How can I improve my leadership skills?


How to enhance communication amongst my employees?


What are his/her internal motivations?


What is my applicant's management style?

Find your purpose in life

According to Deci and Ryan, every man’s actions have one and only one purpose: to fulfil his sense of self.



We offer you to discover how unconscious mechanisms and human nature work.


Thanks to our partnership with MAP’UP, laureate of innovation and training awards, we are able to pinpoint the uniqueness of an individual by giving a precise and astonishing answer to:


What is my purpose in life?


What is my added value?


How do I optimise my work performance?

Thanks to our associates MAP’UP and Talents&Formations, we have been able to develop our expertise in helping individuals but also companies.

Skills Assessment

Are you ready for a new experience that will reveal your uniqueness. This option will help you establish your career objectives, find meaning in your work, pick yourself up, start anew or simply regain confidence... Take all the time you need to sort out what makes you unique.

Communication Assessment

With this option, you will learn how to adjust your communication patterns in order to successfully state your ideas to the person you are speaking to. It will also provide you with a clear understanding of the differences between each profile so that you can better grasp what you know about yourself and interact with the people around you more effectively.

HR Assessment

Let's take a look at your practising with a benevolent eye. Thanks to this option, you will secure your positions, your redeployment and your training courses. We could also simply take stock of your career.

A successful hiring, you can do it! 


There are two points that make a hiring a success for both the company and the individual:






To guarantee the success of a hiring, let us introduce you to our brand new process, in partnership with the Map Up Institute:

In short, even though having an extensive expertise in a field is essential, it is far from being sufficient to grow a company: the human factor must be taken into account as well. Those that have come to realise that can make of their recruiting approach a real tool for achieving excellence.