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A climb to the high canopy

A Tale of Adventure

Although LIANE RH was born on March 1, 2019, its story began when its Chief Executive, Romain LEFEVRE, was still an employee.

Working as a recruiment officer for a head-hunting office, he soon came to realise two crucial things. First, there were, and still are, too many people in the labour market who need assistance and support. Second, he had the ability to help them. And he did it: he decided to set up his own recruitment agency. An agency that would welcome and assist every applicant, regardless of their identity. An agency that would take the time to listen and grasp the serious needs of its clients, and find that special someone for them. An agency that would be the link, the liana, between all the people who cannot make their way through the labour market.


This is when LIANE RH was born, but that was simply the beginning. Filling vacancies was indeed not enough. LIANE RH had to do sustainable recruitment, in all senses of the word. LIANE RH is aiming at building long-lasting and harmonious relationships between its clients and its applicants. But is that all? Definitely not.


Nothing can grow on a barren soil, and no one can find happiness in a world full of crisis.

LIANE RH takes the climate change really seriously and tries as much as possible to have a positive impact on the environment. To do so, the agency has committed itself, since 2021, to planting a tree for each vacancy filled. This was however far from being sufficient, hence the Shift Project. We joined the Shift Project in order to think about how we, as humans, could stop resorting to fossil fuels but also about how we could reduce our carbon footprint.

LIANE RH has always had one wish, which allowed the company to get where it is now: to thrive by helping others to thrive, too.

Now, our story carries on and you may contribute a verse.

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What We Believe In

Our ambitions motivate us to help you in all circumstances

We are more than glad to share all the knowledge we have to assist you in your journey. LIANE RH has found its place in life, it is high time you did it too.

Does it sound idealistic to say that everyone on this planet has a chance to find a career path that will make them happy?

Maybe. However, we are ready to take the bet, if you are willing to do the same.

Allow us to help you find your path if you have not already. Happiness is awaiting you.

What we value most


Our applicants and clients are all fascinating and different from one another. We want to keep such positive diversity and are ready to assist each and everyone of you in the way that suits you best. This is why we do all we can to adjust ourselves to every candidate and client. It is the only way for us to help you find the right employee, or your place in life.


By giving the best of us, we expect you to do the same. LIANE RH relies on each applicant, each client: you are what makes us strong. This is why we want to fight for you. Our wish is to see every applicant fill a vacancy in the company that will be able to heartly welcome them and help them find utter happiness. The same thing goes for our clients: we want them to find the right employee, a skilled, motivated and enthusiastic one.


As individuals are what really matters to us, benevolence is one of our core values. It only takes to see how we treat our staff members: with fairness and high esteem. To help others, our own employees have to be pleased with what they have. With our benevolence and understanding, every need and particularity is taken into account: we cannot imagine ourselves forcing our applicants and clients to not be their true selves. On the contrary, we support diversity among our company as it allows us to become stronger.

Our carbon footprint



62 KG/CO2 PER K€